Euro Cutie’s Outdoor Facial

Euro Cutie’s Outdoor Facial


Public Pickups: Jenny Sapphire

A guy sees a girl at the other side of a street seated in a bench. The guy approaches her and says he’s recording a video for his holydays in Budapest, claims he has no friends around and that he’d like to meet her. She firstly says that he could find friends somewhere else but the guy specifies that “he wants a nice looking friend like her”.

Conversation turns kind of hilarious when the guy asks her if she likes English people, and she says “I like your mouth”, which the guy believes is referring literally to his body part, but she meant that she liked the accent. Payment offers don’t take long as the guy asks her to show her tits, and when she sees the cash she accepts to go to a more quite place to show her boobs.

He enjoys touching one of her nipples for some time until she makes him stop and notices he has a hard dick, the guy then proceeds to ask her to go deeper into the woods they were walking in around to offer her more money to touch his dick. She has the regular hesitation to a request like that, but she seems to like his dick, and accepts another payment then kneels to work with his tongue.

Now the guy wants some Russian pussy, and pays her more for turning around showing her beautiful butt to contemplate it and finger her twat for a bit, and then puts his hard dick to good use fucking her vagina from behind. She gives more blowjob after a fuck session, then resume it by fucking in cowgirl, changing to more mouth action, and doing reverse cowgirl shortly after.

The guy works out a missionary and doggy position until he puts her to suck his dick for a while longer, and finally jerks off while she licks his balls to end the scene with a partly facial/oral creampie.


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Euro Cutie's Outdoor Facial


Euro Cutie's Outdoor Facial


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Date: August 30, 2017
Actors: Jenny Sapphire