Misha Cross Gets a Massive Facial

Misha Cross Gets a Massive Facial


Public Pickups: Misha Cross

Near a basketball playground there’s a hot skinny white girl who’s having a conversation through her phone. The guy approaches her, and when she notices he’s filming, she finish the conversation on the phone and ask the guy about the camera and why is he using it.

Without giving much of an importance to the things he says, the guy quickly says she’s fitted, good looking and hot as fuck, she complaints to feel uncomfortable for his manners when she’s just met him. He presents himself as Mark, and her name is Misha.

He wants to take her somewhere so that she sees “what he can do in his trainings” and to watch her training too.

She offers some money for her to flash her tits to the guy, and recommends to go to a more tranquil place, assuring he’s house is near the block, down the street.

Although she was waiting for her boyfriend and he didn’t show up for 45 minutes, she accepted to move away from there for being left standing still for too long.

They end up not going to Mark’s place, and instead steps into the woods nearby.

He makes her do some squat showing a masterpiece of ass that is very tempting. He makes her do some abds workout with her tits free, and focus her tight clothe down in the area of her pussy.

After some exercises, Mark’s ready for the “sexercises” convincing Misha to alternate between blowing him and licking his balls.

She turns around to give the man some pussy from doggy view, as he has the perfect angle for that ass. He changes to missionary and then cowgirl to work on that skinny beauty for as long as he can until he delivers a huge load of cum to her pretty face.



Misha Cross Gets a Massive Facial


ScreenShot Misha Cross Gets a Massive Facial

Misha Cross Gets a Massive Facial


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Date: August 31, 2017
Actors: Misha Cross